Our mission is to help provide every patient with affordable and accesible healthcare.


We aim to create a world where patients can get their medical imaging diagnosis within minutes.

Value Proposition


We work closely with doctors and clinical staff to understand their problems and needs. The only way for our solutions to be implemented in real life is by co-creating them with healthcare professionals. "If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go dar, go together".

Patient first

Patients are involved through the design and development of our technology, to assure it remains patient-centred. Technology is not a solution, but a tool. We use technology responsively and we do not enforce the usage of it unless necessary and ensures patient safety and benefits.

Be at the frontline

For our solutions to have a real impact, it is necessary to deeply understand the root of the problem to solve. We experience the problems first-hand, conduct interviews, and field research to understand the different issues and practices of hospitals. The real impact comes from the dirty work!

Evolve with the world

Our world is currently evolving. Technology is rapidly changing and what was the best a few years ago, might not be the current optima. We are always in search of better ways to deliver our solution and make patient's lives better.