Workshop: How to utilise AI to boost startups' productivity


SPARK – the business start-up service at The University of Leeds. Spark is the name for the business start up service based in the University of Leeds Career Centre. The dedicated Spark team ensures you receive the most up to date information and continuing support through your entrepreneurial journey from initial ideas to start up, growth and beyond.


SPARK team have been using HELIX since its launch, making it the primary hub for enterprise initiatives on campus.

HELIX is the University's new learning innovation hub for students, staff, and the local community at the University of Leeds, it offers cutting-edge digital provision including immersive technologies and cutting-edge multimedia production studios, as well as a physical maker space.

Located in the heart of the University campus, HELIX enables staff and students to come together to collaborate on creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial projects based on their own initiatives and ideas.

The SPARK team runs a series of of workshops is designed not only to give students and graduates of the University of Leeds an insight into what running their own business will be like, but also to provide them with very practical advice and tips for dealing with the things they will encounter when thinking about, and commencing, a new commercial venture.

About the workshop

We had the privilege of hosting a workshop dedicated to the exploration of Large Language Models (LLMs) at the University of Leeds, held in the new HELIX building. This session was a deep dive into the transformative potential of LLMs across various sectors and how startups can use LLMS to boost their productivity.

During the workshop we covered some of the following:

Understanding Large Language Models:

We demystified LLM and how they learn from vast datasets to produce human-like text. Our focus was on how they leverage patterns in data to generate relevant responses. This section aimed to build a fundamental understanding for all attendees, regardless of their technical background.

Prompting Techniques:

One of the highlights of the workshop was exploring various prompting techniques. Effective interaction with LLMs requires more than just adding input. It is important to understand how to guide the model towards generating the desired output.

During the workshop we covered best practices, creative prompt engineering strategies, and how to avoid common mistakes. This section of the workshop aimed to help attendees enhance their prompt crafting abilities so that they can to harness the full potential of LLMs.

Real-world Applications:

We shared inspiring case studies highlighting how some of our clients are integrating Large Language Models into their operations. From automating organisational processes to generating dynamic personalise content and helping in complex data transformation. These examples showcased the versatility and impact of LLMs.

Hands-on Workshop:

The second part of of our session was a hands-on guided workshop where attendees applied the concepts learned in a practical setting. This interactive session allowed for the consolidation of knowledge through direct experience.

We are grateful to the attendees for their enthusiasm and to the University of Leeds and the SPARK team for hosting us in the new HELIX building.

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