Fraxpert: AI Powered Fracture Detection System

Jun 13, 2023

Image by (pexels)


Radiologists and A&E clinicians are exhausted and overworked. Fraxpert aims to bridge the gap between supply and demand for image diagnostic interpretation, so that patients receive their correct diagnosis at the first point of consultation and radiologists never have to work outside their contracting hours.


Seeai worked in collaboration with NHS Grampian and Canon Medical Research Europe to develop an AI-supported fracture diagnostic system to deliver fast and accurate plain film interpretation.

Seeai collaborated radiologists and doctors to create one of the largest hand-labelled datasets for fracture detection. Our AI algorithms were trained on the development dataset, created from 7,242 patients consisting of 12,926 abnormal images and 8,286 normal images. The dataset contained 48,770 annotations of localised fractures. Moreover, we prepared a separate group of 1,050 patient data for evaluation.

Our AI algorithm achieved specialist-like performance with an accuracy of 95.67%, a recall of 95.05% and a precision of 97.24% on the test dataset. 

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